Charles “Chuck” Moses, MSW


Charles “Chuck” Moses, MSW

Mactavish (School) Benefits, Inc.’s Wellness Program Consultant


Charles "Chuck" Moses

Charles Moses has 33 years of experience in the field of Health Promotion and was employed by the Forest Lake School District from 1976-2009.  During these years Charles served a School Social Worker, Chemical Health Coordinator, and Prevention Specialist.  In 1989, Charles implemented and coordinated the Employee Health Promotion (Wellness) Program for the 1100 employees of the district and continued to do so until his retirement in 2009.

Mr. Moses has spent his entire career dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the students and staff of the Forest Lake Schools.  Charles has seen that an effective Wellness Program reduces health care costs to an organization by engaging as many participants as possible.  This involves creative and innovative health promotion initiatives where individuals are incented to improve their own personal health practices.

Charles has gone onto implement his strategies in a number of Minnesota metro schools where he hopes to better the lives of employees and strengthen the health plans of employers.

Memberships & Awards

Minnesota School Social Workers Association
Wellness Council Of America
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Champions of Health Award
Lifetime Achievement Award- American Heart Association