Total Mayhem

Are you totally and utterly confused by all the nutrition health information that floats by your radar screen? You are not alone.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that wine was bad, now it’s good (in moderation), that nuts were good but some aren’t and can make you fat. That chocolate was bad (even caused pimples), now it’s OK but just the dark kind. What about eggs? Used to be the worst thing you could eat. Now, maybe not so much. How about all you soda drinkers. The diet soda drinkers thought they were better off, but again, now we’re not so sure. The examples go on and on. From fresh fish to fast food, we have plenty of information to confuse us all.

So after all this what am I recommending? Well, I’m no Dr. Oz but it appears to be quite obvious. If you’re overweight consume less calories and burn off more of them. And which foods have the highest concentrations of calories? Yes, you got it- processed foods, and you know how much of those you eat (or should have a pretty good idea) If you feel rotten and tired all the time stop eating what you’re eating and try something else. If your mood or metabolism seems off after eating certain things, your body is sending you a message. Try something else.

If you want to have more energy, first look at your diet. We worry more about accidentally putting diesel fuel in our cars than we do about what we put in our own human fuel tanks.

By the way, there is some advice I never hear the experts repudiate and it has to do with movement. Humans are pre-programmed to move (exercise, if you will) Cave men and women moved to avoid predators and find food. Today, we really don’t have any predators and food is pretty easy to find so we must find other ways to motivate us to move. Why else would people run when they have nowhere to go?

I know changes are hard, so just make one change today and see what happens. I think I’ll try to take my own advice on this one. How about for today, I’m going chipless!

However, there’s still a leftover brownie with my name on it!

Wellness in my Words:

Wellness to me has everything to do with quality of life and the long term happiness of yourself and others. It is the integration of physical, intellectual, psychological, and social wellbeing. For me personally, good health and wellness has much to do with the promotion of good health in others. I have dedicated a good portion of my life to achieving this goal.