Health Vs. Wealth – Who is the Richer Man

A rich man and a poor man were friends.  The rich man says, “My life stinks.  Just went to the doctor and he says my health is poor.”  “On top of that, I barely have enough energy to get out of bed in the morning.”  The poor man says, “My health fine, but are you kidding! You have enough money to do and buy anything you want, who needs a lot of energy, you can pay anybody to do everything for you.”  “You’ll never have to worry about money like I do.  Just once I wish I could give my family what they really need.”

Just then a magic fairy appears and says, “I can solve both your problems, but you must agree to switch places.  The rich man will instantly become healthy, but lose his wealth. The poor man will instantly become rich but lose his health.”

The rich man says, “sign me up!”  The poor man says, “I should probably discuss this with my wife,  I’ll let you know tomorrow.”  The poor man goes home to his family.  Before he can talk to his wife about what has just occurred, his youngest daughter jumps into his lap and says, “Daddy, please don’t give me away.”  “What?” says the poor man.  “Well, Daddy”, says the child, “Mommy says that when I get married, you will give me away. Please don’t do it.  I want to live with you forever.”  The poor man chuckles.

The middle son then asks, “Hey Dad, the guys want to know if you will coach our soccer team again this Fall.  They say you’re cool and don’t just sit on the sidelines like the other dads.”  “Sure son, I’d love to!” the man replies.

Enter the oldest daughter who says, “Guess what Dad, I think I want to run a half marathon this Fall.  Would you help me train?”  “I think it would be so awesome to run it together.”  “I’d love to” says the poor man.

Later that night as he and his wife were ready to turn off the lights and go to sleep his wife simply says, “Good night honey, I love you.”  It was an evening that the man realized that he had all the wealth he would ever need.


Wellness in my Words:

Wellness to me has everything to do with quality of life and the long term happiness of yourself and others. It is the integration of physical, intellectual, psychological, and social wellbeing. For me personally, good health and wellness has much to do with the promotion of good health in others. I have dedicated a good portion of my life to achieving this goal.