Dangerous Time of Year

We are now entering a very precarious time of the year.  The period between Halloween and New Year’s is a challenging period for the millions of us who are conscious about our weight and/or trying to lose pounds or maintain proper balance.  The facts are straightforward – More tempting foods, more parties, more high calorie indulgences, more pressure to do everything, more food, more food and more food! It is no wonder that the average American will gain on average about 3-5 pounds during this period.  “Average” is misleading of course because many will gain much more than the ”Average”.  So, how can you avoid the trap?  Surprise!  I will not say to stop going to parties or to avoid big gatherings with lots of food, or leave before dessert, or grab a child plate instead of an adult one.  Although sometimes these may work, they are not realistic for most people.  What I am advocating is a conscious effort to burn off the extra calories you know you’re going to ingest by ramping up your activity level.  Weight gain for most of is a very simple formula – Calories (in) minus calories (out).  Too much in and not enough out means more weight for you.  So, how about it- hit the gym more, run, walk, bike, swim, whatever it is that you do, do more of it and you can enjoy the Holidays with less guilt, more fun and one less New Year’s resolution that will be hard to keep anyway.

As a side note to this, did you know that the number of obese Americans is very close or possibly even edging ahead of those who are merely overweight.  Recently, a national talk show host was told (on national TV) that she is obese.  She was shocked to hear this.  Part of the reason she was shocked was that she thought she was overweight and the word obese conjures up visions of contestants on “Biggest Loser”.  This is a fallacy.  Obesity is simply defined by BMI (Body Mass Index) what has happened is that over the years as most Americans have grown heavier we have lost touch with what is overweight and what is obese.  You may think you are “overweight” but in reality you may be obese.  Our society has helped to dupe us all by making bigger clothes, bigger furniture, bigger cars, bigger homes, and bigger stores (curiously however, not airplane seats).

So, if you would like to check out where you stand (in reality) just Google BMI and you will be given a multitude of sites that will give you an accurate picture of yourself (CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE). Then think about boosting your metabolism and really enjoying this time of year.

Have a wonderful, healthier holiday season.


Wellness in my Words:

Wellness to me has everything to do with quality of life and the long term happiness of yourself and others. It is the integration of physical, intellectual, psychological, and social wellbeing. For me personally, good health and wellness has much to do with the promotion of good health in others. I have dedicated a good portion of my life to achieving this goal.