A Fairy Tale?

Once upon a time in an enchanted land lived a young couple of modest means. One day, as the couple walked in the woods near their home they came upon a frog trapped under a heavy branch. “Please help me,” croaked the frog, “I am a magic frog and if you help me I will grant you three wishes.” The couple was at first hesitant because they wondered why a “magic” frog would need any help. 

They decided to release the trapped animal because on second consideration they thought, “what do we have to lose and how could a talking frog NOT be magical?!” “Thank you,” said the frog, as it hopped away from the branch.  “And now what are your three wishes?” asked the frog.  The couple thought for a minute and said, “We would like a million more wishes!” “Don’t get cute,” said the frog. “Sorry” said the couple, as they regrouped. “How about world peace?” the couple replied.  “Done” said the frog. The couple went on to say “Secondly, we would like to make sure that all the people in the world have enough to eat.” “Done again” said the frog. The couple paused for a moment and finally proclaimed, “For our last wish, we would like to be the richest people in the world!” “Fine by me” said the frog. 

Soon, winter set in and somehow the couple both caught a disease (preventable by all accounts) and died. The frog heard about this news through the grapevine (literally) and thought to himself, “I wish I was allowed to warn them. I have been in the wish business for centuries and it never fails. They ALWAYS forget about the health thing.”

Here’s wishing all of you – Don’t forget the health thing!

Wellness in my Words:

Wellness to me has everything to do with quality of life and the long term happiness of yourself and others. It is the integration of physical, intellectual, psychological, and social wellbeing. For me personally, good health and wellness has much to do with the promotion of good health in others. I have dedicated a good portion of my life to achieving this goal.