Weaving proof with performance.

 “I enjoy working with Mactavish Benefits because of their professional and personal touch, and their transparency instilled my trust even further.  I would recommend any organization to work with Mactavish Benefits due to their practical and innovative approach to healthcare that creates not only short-term results, but a long-term fix.  Mactavish Benefits has created a positive situation for my organization.  The Convertible Health PlanSM model saved my organization money and allowed each of the members to save for their future health needs later in life.”

Client Testimonial
Human Resources & Purchasing Manager


“Using Mactavish Benefits is one of the best business decisions our school has ever made.  They have been able to negotiate significant decreases in our insurance premiums while at the same time providing exceptional coverage.  Another reason to choose Mactavish Benefits is their personal attention.  No issue is too small or too large for them to get personally involved in.  If they don’t have the answer they get it in a timely fashion.”

Client Testimonial


“Mactavish Benefits has created a win-win situation for my organization.  Their Convertible Health PlanSM model created significant savings within the first year, and our renewal rates have been continuously low (a six year average premium increase of only 4.5% per year!).   Preventive check-ups, continuous education, and built-in wellness incentive systems for each employee have lead to not just a quick fix, but a proven long term strategy to lower healthcare premiums for my organization.  These amazing results along with their outstanding service, allows me to recommend Mactavish Benefits over and over again to other organizations.”

Client Testimonial
Director of Business Services


“Healthcare coverage is important to me, my family, and the people I represent.  Mactavish Benefits is always there, they’ve educated my entire staff on how health insurance affects them in the present and future; they are easily accessible and can answer any question no matter how big or small. I would recommend any organization to work with Mactavish Benefits due to their professionalism and realistic approach to healthcare.”

Client Testimonial
Chief Financial Officer