Finding Your Sense of Purpose

What are you living for?

It’s human nature to want to make sense of your life and create meaning. A sense of purpose is what motivates each of us, whether we know it or not. Our sense of purpose comes from our values and concerns. Does it surprise you to hear that people with a sense of       purpose are generally healthier, happier, and live longer?

So what does it mean to have a sense of purpose?

Patrice Tanaka, founder of Joyful Planet LLC, defines having a life purpose as using your talents, experience, and passion in service of others. Do you agree?

To be happier and healthier, how can you find more purpose in your life and work?

1. Know how you make a difference. Why does your work matter? Besides yourself, who is benefiting directly and indirectly (customers, coworkers, family, and community) from your work? Are there ways you can remind yourself and your coworkers of this contribution to the greater good?

2. Invest more time and energy in your relationships at work and home. A big part of what gives meaning to life is strong relationships. When we feel disconnected, our dreams die. When we build close ties with those around us, we naturally share our passions and dreams, as well as stretch ourselves. If, as some have said, compassion is the soul of purpose, one first step is to connect.

3. Get inspired to think and act bigger. Seek out bold people and stories of courage that expand what you think is possible.

4. It’s never too early or too late to pursue your dreams. Don’t let age or any other  excuse hold you back. You have unique gifts that the world needs. Risk standing for something and choosing how you want to live, work, and connect.

What’s your next move?

  • Whether it’s a conversation about “What gets you up in the morning?” or posting customer testimonials where you see them each day, challenge yourself to work with purpose.


Source: Hennepin County Public Health


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