Jim Lindstrom

Mactavish (School) Benefits, Inc.’s Sales & Negotiating Consultant


Throughout life one can have many titles teacher, mentor, father; Jim Lindstrom proves that to be exceedingly true having impacted the lives of others over the course of his career.  However, with his most recent title, negotiator doesn’t begin to encompass the experience and insight he brings to Mactavish (School) Benefits, Inc.’s clients.

A Convertible Health PlanSM customer himself since 2003, Jim has been negotiating benefits for teachers for over twenty five years beginning in 1983 when Jim became Chief Negotiator for the Forest Lake School District.  During his time working for the Forest Lake School District, Jim also served as a: UniServ Chair Person, President of the Forest Lake Education Association, Minnesota Education Association Board of Directors Member, as well as a National Education Association Board of Directors Member from 1988-1991. 

Since retiring from teaching in 2009 Jim has been consulting Minnesota school districts on health insurance plans.  “Mactavish (School) Benefits’ Convertible Health PlanSM has been the most successful health plan I have ever seen in terms of stabilizing premium cost trends,” noted Jim.  “Giving organizations a plan with increased benefits while lowering premiums is nothing less than an impressive outcome created by ingenious implementation fueled from over a decade of research. An innovative plan designed with an accentuation of detailed analytical monitoring, incentivizes, and individualized wellness programs, together have proven to be the cornerstones of rebuilding a health plan that may have been broken.”

A teachers advocate at heart, Jim Lindstrom hopes to better the lives of school district employees and other organizations one health plan at a time.  “At the core, the most important things in life are health and happiness,” said Jim.  “Seeing firsthand that a health plan’s mantra and design can provide savings for families and schools, and knowing that it has a reverberating impact on not just an individual’s and organization’s bottom line.  In the end, a well devised health plan improves the well being of hundreds of families.  That is the reason why I negotiate and consult today.”

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About Mactavish Benefits, Inc.

Mactavish Benefits a subsidiary of Mactavish School Benefits, Inc. founded by Bernie J. Mackell to promote a means of financing health care that will “IMPROVE COMPANY’S BENEFITS WHILE STABILIZING COSTS”.  Research began in 1994 when the company evaluated all possible financing options available to employers with the ultimate goal, to offer a health insurance program that meets the employer’s strategic financial objectives. Employers will adopt a proven model that produces price stability and reduction.  Health insurance costs are increasing at levels exceeding 10% per year, which means to us, our current system of financing health insurance is not working.  In a nutshell “We Fix Health Plans”SM.  We are pleased to offer this simple yet revolutionary approach to the Employer marketplace.