Employers save money.
Employees build savings.

With Mactavish Benefit’s Convertible Health PlanSM, our healthcare reimbursement account, the savings are simple: if money is needed for medical care, it’s in the employee’s savings account. If the money is not needed for medical care, the employee gets to keep it.

Over the life of a career, that can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in each of your employees’ pockets and millions of dollars saved by your company.

This revolutionary plan benefits everyone in your company by providing first-dollar coverage (which your employees want) and control over health insurance costs (which you need).

Benefits to Employers

  • Minimize the use of insurance and insurance contracts
  • Put employees’ health—and responsibility—in their hands
  • Reduce insurance premiums and loss ratios on your major medical plan
  • Teach employees about the high costs of care and reward those who use their plan wisely
  • Give employees options to supplement dental coverage, eye care, and other similar services not covered by traditional plans.

Benefits to Employees

  • Take control of your healthcare dollars
  • Build a healthcare savings account and use the money as you see fit
  • Instill ease in the health care process immediately – both financially and medically – by receiving first dollar coverage.
  • Expand your access to quality healthcare, extend your financial savings
  • Be incentivized for making smart health and medical treatment decisions

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