About Us

We’re in this together. Fortunately
for you, we’ve done this for years.

When Mactavish Benefits is part of your healthcare equation, you realize a number of benefits. More consistent premiums. Reduced overall costs. And most importantly, a better sense of health and wellness among your employees.

“We Fix Health Plans”

When Mactavish School Benefits, our parent company, was established in 1996 by Bernie J. Mackell, we set out to evaluate every healthcare financing option available to you as an employer. Our ultimate goal was to meet your strategic financial objectives. We’ve done so—year after year, business after business—by fixing what doesn’t work in the industry’s current financing system.

We call the fix our Convertible Health PlanSM.

That fixes everything.

When we manage your benefits plan, you not only get a better benefits plan, you get happier, more health-conscious employees.
We can prove it.

You also get:

  • Superior Benefit Design
  • Proven Process Coordination
  • Efficient Record-Keeping, Billing and Claims Processing
  • Enrollment Services
  • Strict Renewal Scrutiny